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Advantages and Disadvantages of Marble and Granite Floors

Homeowners often choose between marble and granite for flooring, if wood is already out of the question. You can often spot these types of flooring in rich people’s homes. The natural designs of marble and granite make them the perfect look for a luxurious home. But that’s not all that they offer. They have a lot of advantages as well that may make them the right fit for your house.

Marble and granite look beautiful
There’s no question that some of the best-looking houses or parts of houses have marble or granite flooring. Guests will always stand in awe of these types of floors. You will feel glamorous whenever you walk on these even when you’re on your pajamas raiding your fridge.

The flat polished surface means no hard time cleaning
It goes without saying that these need to be maintained like other flooring materials. But that doesn’t mean that cleaning everyday spills and junk is a chore. Spills or stains from drinks, food, or dirty shoes can be easily cleaned using a wet mop – no special chemicals required.

Marble and granite flooring can last long
Aside from being incredibly beautiful, marble and granite floors are also popular because of their durability. Get the premium grade of either of these materials so you’ll get the durability that you expect. You won’t need to worry about stomping around your house as these can normally withstand pressure. They are also water-resistant as long as the contractor takes care of the application of sealer.

But with advantages come disadvantages. Flooring materials don’t revolve around these two. Do not blindly spend wildly on marble and granite if you’re not yet sure if these are perfect for your dream house.

Marble and granite floors installation require only skilled technicians
You can’t trust just anyone with the installation of marble and granite. There are certain conditions that must be met so that you will have no worries after installation. Only a reputable contractor near you can assure you that your flooring is in good hands.

Price point is no joke
Marble is on the high-end when it comes to materials, so it’s not for everyone. While granite is more affordable, there are other materials that are cheaper yet also durable.

The weight needs to be accounted for
You must specifically state that you want marble or granite when designing your home so that their weight can be taken into account. They must be taken into calculations so that the weight will not cause the upper floors to fall down, which is possible without good support.

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