The Most Popular Applications For Laser Engraving Equipment

Advancements in technology now allow manufacturers to create laser engraving machines that are not only affordable but are easy to use and allow business owners to expand the current services provided to their customer base. While they are gaining recognition, many individuals still aren’t aware of all of the capabilities of a laser engraving device. The following is a look at just three of the many applications for a laser engraver, and how it is making the most mundane production techniques more streamlined than ever before.

Wood Model Creation

The act of building models is a pastime that has been enjoyed for hundreds of years, and while those made from metal and plastic are easy to produce, the utilization of wood as a medium creates several challenges. A laser device pierces through wood with unparalleled precision and allows the operator to develop models that are accurate and easy to assemble. The high heat of a laser beam ensures that the model doesn’t become chipped or damaged during production and provides a quick fabrication turn around time.

Etched Photography

A picture is a great way to capture a moment in time so that it may be cherished for years to come. The magic of a moment caught on film is made even more breathtaking by printing the photo on a solid surface through the use of a laser device. Most lasers have a variable power output, which allows the machine to recreate a picture with stellar accuracy, and capture items such as color gradients and light shifts with incredible precision.

Custom Stamp Creation

Many businesses use rubber stamps to personalize packaging and other promotional materials, and while ordering them from a big box distributor is an option, many people find that the design options available are limited. A laser cutting machine will produce one of a kind labels that will allow a company to put their brand on every product that comes in contact with a consumer.

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