The Vital Role of SEO for your IT Business

In 2018, it feels like everyone and their grandmother is helming some tech startup or another. Which makes for a lot of white noise when it comes to internet searches in this niche, especially for some of the more popular searches. But, instead of hitting your head against a firewall you should instead think about employing better SEO strategies.

So, how should you use SEO in your marketing efforts for your IT business?

The Right Search Volume

Getting to the top of search rankings is the goal of almost everyone on the internet, which can be difficult for everyone but the dominating forces in your IT sector. Most don’t have the money needed to throw into Adwords to be the number one advert for most keywords in the IT sector either, as they are highly competitive and as such come with a hefty price tag.

For example, “cybersecurity” has over 14,800 searches a month while “cybersecurity manchester” only has 90. Now, you may think that the obvious keyword to chase is the generic one. It has the most searches and would generate the best traffic. Well, yes and no.

No doubt, there would be a lot more organic traffic if you were to get this keyword to rank. But, how much of that would be qualified? Though online, many people will likely be more drawn to a local company than one far away to deal with.

Content Optimization

As a business in the IT sector, it is without a doubt that you will have expertise in one area or another. Or a broad understanding of the digital landscape at large. So, obviously, you are creating great content which explores your niche to the max.

However, if you are not optimising your content then it is little better than white noise. After all, what’s the point of writing great content if no one is reading it? The best thing that you could possibly do is to create your content around your keywords. Discover what people are searching for the most, research the topic and create the definitive blog on that topic. The better it is (and longer – authoritative pieces should fall just short of the 2,000 mark), the more chance you will have to use your keyword and perhaps help the blog to rank in its own right.

Weekly production of quality articles doesn’t take a lot of time, maybe an hour or so of your week or more if you’re a slow writer, but it can make a world of difference to your business blog. You can even outsource these blogs at a great rate if that is more appealing to you. Just ensure that the material produced is appropriate to your business and uses the right keywords to help your rankings.

Encourage Reviews

Social proof on your website is always a great thing. It verifies your business as a ‘legitimate’ business via Google. But, in terms of SEO reviews also help to build your visibility in local search results. As does responding to them as a business, as your engagement is seen as positive no matter if the review was good or bad. It can be a good way to show that you care about customer satisfaction.

Google reviews can be the difference between an acquisition and them scrolling down to another UK app development company. You can even help promote yourself on your social media channels via Google+.


Overall, to be successful in 2018 you have to ensure that SEO is used as a vital component of your IT business marketing strategy. Not doing so could seriously affect your findability on the net and, as a result, be a huge detriment to your overall efforts as a business.