Why Storage Aren’t As Bad As You Think


Cloud storage is a computing model, where all information is stored on secure servers instead of hard drives. You can store files online and access them from any location through the web using the service. Cloud storage improves a company’s competitive advantage.

Accessibility is the considerable difference between cloud storage and conventional means. Another difference is the fact that hard disks provide local access to information but cloud storage offers boundless access to data, as long as the computer has internet access.

Working with a cloud storage has many merits. With cloud storage, you won’t need to fill up your hard drive with useless information. Cloud computing is currently evolving, and many companies are adopting it.

The three main types of cloud storage are private, public and hybrid cloud storage services.

Private clouds are meant to deal with data requests from small home-based firms or larger companies. This type of cloud service is best suited for a group whose aim is to transfer all data by using the services of a third-party cloud provider. The two types of private clouds are on-premise cloud and an externally-hosted cloud storage. An on-premise cloud varies from an externally-hosted cloud storage because an on-premise server can be located in the same building as the company. It is easier to manage on-premise private clouds and they mainly intended for bigger groups.

Public clouds data is externalized and they, therefore, don’t need maintenance or data security. This makes public clouds easier to access and maintain when compared to private clouds.

A hybrid cloud comprises of private and public clouds features. The biggest advantage of working with hybrid clouds is the greater number of customization options. You can always choose to work with private clouds when sharing sensitive information since they guarantee security and privacy. Some of your non-sensitive data can be shared through public clouds.

Cloud storage enables users to drag and drop files between the cloud storage and their local storage. You can send a web link through your email instead of emailing files to individuals.

It is very important for businesses to have an emergency backup plan ready in case an emergency arises. It is easy to recover important files in businesses as it provides a second copy of the files. When something happens to the files on a computer, you can always access the cloud with ease and recover damaged or lost data. Therefore, this makes the whole process of backup and recovery easier than other traditional forms of data storage.

Cloud storage can help businesses and companies save lots of cash as it costs about three cents per gigabyte to store data internally. Users can spend less as it does not need internal power to store information. Migrating your data to a third party cloud storage service will enable you to avoid cluttering and operations will be at ease.

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